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We transcribe both audio and video files as well as other spoken language sources into written form using native speakers and, if necessary, will further translate the text into the target language of your choice.

On Site Translation

In an effort to tailor our services to the evolving needs of the market, we also provide translation services on your doorstep. In the case of specific tasks that require the presence of a translator on site, we will ensure that they are present at a location designated by the customer.

Proofreading & Editing

Independent proofreading and editing are usually offered as a part of our Premium Plus package. However, we do occasionally offer such services separately, depending on the customer's needs for checking / improving / editing (previously translated) texts.


We work with highly experienced linguists who can assist you in writing your company presentation, brochure or website. Give your company a professional image by using the advice of a language expert!


Localization means adapting your text to a specific country or region, so that it reflects the local culture and at the same time it makes it relevant and user friendly for your end customers. We usually provide this service as part of our translation offer.


Without doubt, interpretation is an equally challenging and rewarding task. Whether simultaneous interpreting (conference interpreting) is required or consecutive interpreting (for business meetings or negotiations), we recruit only trained and experienced interpreters, always keeping in mind the complexity and challenges of such tasks as well as the customer's need for confidentiality, accuracy and punctuality.

Little Shop of Translations' offers are subject to our general terms and conditions. By accepting our offer, you are accepting our terms and conditions.

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