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Quality Procedure

In order to guarantee consistent quality of service we have developed a quality control procedure utilising our daily, hands-on experience. Accuracy, style, grammar & spelling and layout are the four aspects of any translation that we concentrate on. We base our quality guarantee upon four pillars:

1. Recruiting skilled translators

We only recruit and work with highly-trained translators and/or language specialists who are native speakers of the target language and have a proven knowledge of the source language. They are ranked in our database according to their field of specialization, CAT tools used and proven past skills and efficiency.

2. Assigning the translation to the right person

It is crucial that the translation is assigned to someone who not only feels comfortable with the source text, but has relevant experience or proven past skills in the field in question. Therefore we always cross-reference the requirements of the source/target texts to our translator profiles.

3. Proofreading

For translations that require a high level of precision - that involve highly technical terminology or that require a particular language style - we appoint an expert in that particular field to check and edit the translated texts. For this purpose we only employ the crème de la crème of the translation community.

4. In-house quality control

Much of our added value is generated during this final and very important checkpoint. Our work is much more complex and demanding than merely forwarding email between customer and translator. We carefully read the translations in order to check consistency, key terms, spelling & grammar and style.

In the case of typesetting that is difficult to replicate, we will use a DTP specialist in order to provide the customer with perfect results.

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